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Dream - 12/16/2013

Had a dream about A and his son. In this dream I was A's fiance and I was supposed to be taking care of his son. I was in an unfamiliar place where we had to wait 30 mins for a cab, or to go home [with A, too]. I wanted to go home so badly!! Then, I went into his house because I told him I wanted to brush my teeth & instead of toothpaste he gave me some type of bubble gum that I believed was toothpaste anyway, lol. Then, his little nieces came by and snatched the toothpaste (bubblegum flavored or gum) from me. 

I told them they couldn't have it - and I accidentally dropped a piece on the floor trying to get it back from them. I said: "you could get the one that fell, but don't because it's dirty." Plus, I really needed to brush my teeth (rushing).

All of a sudden it was his grandpa's funeral and everyone was getting ready to see him. One of his sisters (the girls mother) was sweeping & told me that I'm not supposed to give her daughters gum & I told her that they snatched it from me, and I felt bad saying no. Or I didn't get to tell her - so she didn't give me a chance to defend myself. 

She told me that her daughters hated me and that they wanted me in the other room with their other "titi" whom they hate as well :-o. I finished brushing my teeth & left without telling her anything. 

I was so sad..and I cried to someone explaining the situation to them & how unfair it was because I was just trying to be nice to the kids by not wanting to say no to them.