Worried About Your Wallet?

Worried About Your Wallet?

Ask our psychic seer in Brooklyn, NY for an online money reading

If you find yourself worrying about your financial future, you're not alone. For many people, finances can be a major uncertainty. Readings by Azul helps clients in Brooklyn, NY and beyond by providing financial psychic readings. A money reading can give you insights about your finances and help you stop worrying about what will happen next.

Email us today to request a financial reading. All clients must be 18 or older.

2 Predictions $40
4 Predictions $60 [Special]
7 Predictions $80
10 Predictions $111

*Note: The predictions are not required to be done all at once. You may space them out and return at a later date if you wish to*

How do money readings work?

We'll use tarot cards to conduct an online money reading and predict what will happen with your finances in the future. Azul will predict if your finances will:

  • Improve
  • Decline
  • Stay steady
  • Fluctuate

You can give us as much or as little information about your current financial situation as you'd like - the only required information is your name. If you have concerns about your finances, contact us today for a financial psychic reading.