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Nov. 15th 2017

Last night meditation @ park. Beautiful stars..some minor interruption of my healing session. Three very bright planes, and weather (sign 2 to 3 birds flew quickly south just now -- window 11-15 @9:52am)

Numbers 18 and 20 -- ohh the NEW MOON IN Scorpio - DECAN 3! Now I understand why I received these wonderful numbers:

DrkstrAstrology New Moon Nov 2017 (added Nov 16th @1:36PM, but had the tab window out for about 3-4 days now - been meaning to read this article! I understand the number moon will be in 2 days; Nov 18th, and #3 meaning 3rd decan).

Color red (red car and rat animal totem..ran quickly to bottom of red car parked on cool buildings block) half moon above building - very cool after walking back from meditative park session.

Update: Shuffled this oracle deck Secrets of the Mystic Grove a couple of days ago (about 3) before I went to meditate to the park again under the tree. Received the card 20 for the future stating: Look Ahead - Visionary, planning, preparation. I was stargazing, and meditating.

First card also related to the number 2(20): Dreaming: 'Gifts, receiving, dreams' - the third card of the deck after shuffled for days is 18 - Council; Group, meeting, advisors - "let your friends help you; as well as guide you"

The second card: 12 - Celebrate Mystery: Trust the Journey, unexpected, secrets - "look at the bird" -"wise" (chip, chip, chirrp) aves: owl and ostrich - reminds her to walk tall and proud.

The moon hiding behind the trees in the forest. Reminds me of the park when I was under the tree while meditating. Nine stars on the second card - I was reading a dream journal entry, which described very vivid signs about what I needed to do in the past, and what I'm currently going through (health, dental wise - read about it here). The dates (2 12 '18/'20) (four one/41 - Decision: choice, opportunity, selection - to be continued with 41st card - Don't let fear hold you back - trust your intuition. Weigh out pros and cons - 2 tiny birds cling to branches where berries aren't yet ripe). 

The leopard is another similarity between the 3 cards being studied (it counsels her to relax). The 'celebrate mystery' card [12] is advising me to trust the journey and path that I went, and I am currently still on (the word "received"). The half moon I initially discussed is hiding behind the trees on the second card - the woman is walking towards the future -- the 3rd card (number 18 - council) shows a woman focused on the present and grounded (be wise) - after walking back from the park the half moon was still out shining bright @ 6AM (Nov 14th @6:20AM). 

Common with almost all the cards are 2 birds (number 12 birds in Lenormand comes to mind). The stars between the first and last cards - first has 9 (wish) stars with a bird trying to pick one of them on its beak the last card shows 10 stars (success). Two stars on the second card - while the third has distant stars in the background. Flowers in the ladies hair is another common similarity.

Favorite number 4 shows the number 8: Protection - Warrior, safety, acts of kindness; "make sure that you understand that the person you see in the mirror should also be under your care." - never forget this (after 8 shows card #33 Tenacity - dedication, determination, stubbornness) -- [33rd card is number 4: Alliance - connections, unity, creative solutions - 'look at the fox!' .. and 4 birds] the fox is sitting down with a crown on its head - witty king. 

(San Alejo you hos) (y la tata? matando mata)

That's the end of our lesson.

(P'ANDA el diablo?)

Thank God.